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Air Terminals, Grilles & Louvres

We sell a whole vareity of air terminal, egg crates, air values, 4 way grilles & weather louvres.

They are a big rnage of different products we offer for the start & end of duct runs, or simply leaving in a celing or a wall as fresh air movement.

Besdies the products we have on offer on the website we also sell a large range of bespoke grilles, diffusers & louvres including; non-visioin grilles, linear bar grilles, spiral duct grilles, swirl diffusers & perforated plate grilles. If you need prices for beaspoke items please contact orders@alphatube.co.uk

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Circular Weather Louvres

Aluminium weather louvres complete with bird mesh.


Weather Louvre

Manufactured from aluminium sections, our louvres have a single bank of 45 degree blades complete with bird or fly mesh on rear. Prevents rain or other small items from entering but allows air to flow at a high level.


Egg Crate Grille

White egg crate grilles powder coated ral.9010 metal with a 90% free area allowing large volumes of air with little noise.

Data Sheets


Plastic Air Values

White plastic circular supply & extract adjustable valves used for supply & extract.


Fusible Links

We offer a range of replacement fusible links for fire dampers, fusible links can also be used in a range of different ways fire dampers, fire doors and vents. All fusbile links  72°C (162°F) .  we have for sale on our website, the most common replacment links, but more variations are avaialable if requested. 

Comon Fire damper makes these are used on: BSB, HVC, Advanced Air & Action Air (Swegon) Chubb Fire, Flaktwoods, A1 Shutters, Lindab fire dampers, Wolseley uk, Ascot Doors, Kidde Thorne & Gilberts.


Extract air valve metal

Exract air valves in white metal come's complete with screw on spigot, for easly connecting flexible ducting.

Air valves are used in a vast way inclunding whole house ventilation,Toilet and kitchen extract.

The central core is on a screw to balance flow rate.