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Fusible Links

We offer a range of replacement fusible links for fire dampers, fusible links can also be used in a range of different ways fire dampers, fire doors and vents. All fusbile links  72°C (162°F) .  we have for sale on our website, the most common replacment links, but more variations are avaialable if requested. 

Comon Fire damper makes these are used on: BSB, HVC, NCA, Advanced Air & Action Air (Swegon) Chubb Fire, Flaktwoods, A1 Shutters, Lindab fire dampers, Wolseley uk, Ascot Doors, Kidde Thorne & Gilberts.

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Round Access Doors

Curved access doors to suit circular ductwork. Used to access the insides of the ducting to reset fire dampers or to clean. A sandwich type effect that clamps the opening with a gasket seal by wheel knobs.