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Control Dampers, Fire Dampers & Fans

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Volume Control Damper

Volume Control Damper made from galvanised steel. The dampers have male ends to fit inside ducting or other female fittings. They are used for manually balancing the flow of the air in ducting runs with a single circular blade. Bigger sizes available by phone or email enquiries.

*Please note* some of the more uncommon sizes may have a larger lead time.

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Blast Gate Damper

Manufactured from cast aluminium with a galvanised shut off blade. These circular dampers are ideal for use on extract systems in the woodwork industry where by you can shut off parts of a system that are not in need of a constant flow.


Multi-Blade Damper

Circular volume control dampers with multiple blades are used where there is no need for a high level of shut off. Manufactured from galvanised steel. External manual handle with several control settings. Male connections to fit inside spiral ducting. Square and rectangular multi-blade dampers also available - please enquire.


Single Blade Fire Damper

Circular single blade externally resettable fire dampers for prevention of fire spreading in ventilation ductwork with a fusible thermal link that triggers at 72 degrees C. The damper has a mounting plate so it can be fitted to a fire separating building element. Mainly manufactured from hot galvanized steel sheet.

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Round Access Doors

Curved access doors to suit circular ductwork. Used to access the insides of the ducting to reset fire dampers or to clean. A sandwich type effect that clamps the opening with a gasket seal by wheel knobs.


Flat Access Doors

Square and rectangular insulated, tabbed & sealed access doors for flat surfaced ducting. Used for resetting fire dampers and also the cleaning the ductwork. Other sizes available - please enquire.